700W Plastic Thermoregulation Heat Plastic Welding Gun Bumper Car repair tool

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Description World industiral mater's surprising work which shocks the whole plastic welding gun industry; this plastic welding gun makes your problem out...
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World industiral mater's surprising work which shocks the whole plastic welding gun industry; this plastic welding gun makes your problem out of question. Plastic welding gun is essential tool to make plastic plate into different shape plastic device with plastic welding rod and repair plastic device, such as the process and repair of PVC,PPR,PPCplastic water box,water tube and oil tube,plastic galvanized groove.The product is suitable for plastic welding rod whose area is less than 6m㎡; it uses superior alloy, is wear-resistant and heat-resistant; matched with air outlet, has high temperature cotrol; fan is strong, can instantly melt plastic film.

small and big power
heat tube anti-scald shell
heat tube electric protection system
precise temperature control, light and convenient to carry
suitable for consecutive operation

function:hot wind
purpose:use for injection molding,plastic and metal return operation, plastic's weld,weld of integrated circuit, dismount and electricity/chemical and industrial filed. The product can adjuist from 100℃-550℃. Plastic material is soft during 130℃-140℃. Its shape is fixed with a little force,use electric thermolator for needed weld temperature, it's around 240℃.
accessory:long mouth

1.there's switch on the handle, turn right when youy hear "pa" its close,turn left when you hear "pa"the green turn is bright, the cold wind is open, then turn light when red light is bright,it's hot wind, until you can't turn anymore, the temperature is the highest.
2.when using it,turn the temperature according to your demand, pay attention to the distance between nozzle and weld point,reach ideal weld demadn.
3.in first use there's smog or spark, it's normal.It will didappear after several seconds.
4.keep the tail with smooth wind or the heat core is burnt out.
5.After weld, turn the switch to cold wind(when red light is dark), after the steel pipe and heat core is cold ,then close it.It can effectively protect the heat wire from burnout because of too high temperature.Please handle gently,to avoid welding gun damage, which reslt in heat wire's drop.
6.If the heat wire is burnt out, you can open the gun shell to fetch heat wire, no need to oen the handle,change the heat wire of the same type.
7.make sure it is connected with ground electrode for guaranteeing safety.

1.it can't be used in wet environment in case of electric shock.
2.It can't be touched with heated part in case of scald.
3.Strictly banned around flammable and combustible things in case of accidents.
4.after uyse,it should be put on the rack, carefully stored after it's complete cold.

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