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Spring Festival's Gift Yunnan Fashionable National Style Embroidery Bag Stylish Featured Shoulders Bag 93048 peony flower with random color


  • $31.99


Neutral style design emphasizes new era's subjective thinking, beauty is no longer pure beauty, but tempering force with mercy,handsome welt paocket appearance,the superior canvas, ventilated fabric is comfoetable and suitable for every season; superior embroidery technology is vivid, lively pattern makes you handsome but sexy and cute.

shoulders bag design,modern and fashionable
stylish pattern and colorful embroidery, lively and vivid, emboridery is fine and exquisite
pure manual make, more of national feature
stretchable handle

fashionable element:embroidery
inner texture:polyester
uncap way:zipper hidden bag
design:welt pocket
style:national style
color:peony flower with random color,silver and white zamioculcas zamiifolia
size:30*17*27cm(manual measure only for reference)

Imporatant instruction:
1.Due to maunal cut, it may be asymmetric, if you feel what you recieved is asymmetric, it is noraml. Embroidery bag's thraed residue has been carefully checked, if you still find it ,plaese cut off it.Embroidery bag's color is plentiful, if some colors is out of stock we'll contact you to change,embroidery bag is traveling goods, perfectionist or who has high demand please doesn't buy.
2.Embroidery product is special, products in particular batch may be different from the picture, but it has little influence on the beauty.
3.Embroidery string is not so perfect, we've tried our best to check, jumper of string is inevitable during the transportation, it is not defective, if you mind, plaese think twice before you buy.