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Embroidery Bag Yunnan National Chinese Style Embroidery Featured Messenger Bag Foreign Trade Bag Mmorning Glory


  • $22.99


Manual old embroidery is not all the same,which shows its unique rarity. Old effect. vintage Miao embroidery has been protected as intangible cultral heritage, it's worht collecting. In my time when goods is plentiful, old Miao embroidery is Miao people's pride which makes me intoxicated, makes me know Miao has so many tribes, so many works with different style, compared with four famous embroidery, Miao embroidery is decent in meaning, mysterious in totern, bright in color, it is straightforward and frank, mature embroidery craft subdues people, which reminds them of what worker,what story and what mood is so mysterious.

pure manual craft, every procedure is diligent and unique
fashionable and all-match
national style feature, simple and charming art, bears value on coollection 
high grade and delicate metal design zipper, makes your beloved item shining, more noble and elegant

fashionable element:embroidery 
material:cotton cloth
inner texture:polyester
uncap way:zipper
design:coin case
style:national style
color:morning glory
size:27*34*64cm(manual measure only for reference)

Imporatant instruction:due to maunal cut, it may be asymmetric, if you feel what you recieved is asymmetric, it is noraml. Embroidery bag's thraed residue has been carefully checked, if you still find it ,plaese cut off it.Embroidery bag's color is plentiful, if some colors is out of stock we'll contact you to change,embroidery bag is traveling goods, perfectionist or who has high demand please doesn't buy.