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Yunnan National Style Woman's Emboridery Evening Banquet Bag Handbag Chinese Style Banquet Bag flower


  • $19.99


Simple design, old and simple style, flower's texture is very beautiful, it is naturally beautiful.Every one is classic with plentiful colors in random match, bright color shows beautiful vitality; cotton and linen is independently colored after dye and weave; every stitch conveys culture that can't be compared with ordinary machine' product. National feature and fashionable element, simple but distinctive, a practical coin case that you can take to any occasion; vintage shape and national feature makes it the focus anywhere.

coin case design,fashionable and practical
stylish pattern and colorful embroidery, lively and vivid, emboridery is fine and exquisite
pure manual make, more of national feature

fashionable element:embroidery 
material:cotton cloth
inner texture:polyester
uncap way:zipper
design:coin case
style:national style
color:zamioculcas zamiifolia butterfly,zamioculcas zamiifolia butterfly2,zamioculcas zamiifolia flower,apple flower,flower;flower's color is random
size:22*14cm(manual measure only for reference)

Imporatant instruction:due to maunal cut, it may be asymmetric, if you feel what you recieved is asymmetric, it is noraml. Embroidery bag's thraed residue has been carefully checked, if you still find it ,plaese cut off it.Embroidery bag's color is plentiful, if some colors is out of stock we'll contact you to change,embroidery bag is traveling goods, perfectionist or who has high demand please doesn't buy.