Blue Helmets from China

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Description Language: EnglishPublishing Date: 2010Pages: 226Size: 16 K ISBN:9787119067513Chinese peacekeepers, sporting blue helmets and Five-star Red Flag emblems, have served in Liberia,...
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Language: English

Publishing Date: 2010

Pages: 226

Size: 16 K


Chinese peacekeepers, sporting blue helmets and Five-star Red Flag emblems, have served in Liberia, Lebanon, the Sudan, Congo and Haiti, where they have won a strong, favorable reputation in the international community and in all the UN mission areas. As Chinese soldiers, they have fulfilled their pledges to safeguard peace and carry out their duties with dedication and energy.

The scale of China's participation in UN operations from sending military observers, to deploying peacekeeping forces and engineers-has progressively expanded.Chinese personnel are now also engaged in medical care, transportation and other logistical support work, covering almost all major aspects of UN peacekeeping operations. In this new century, China considers playing an important role in safeguarding world peace and promoting common development as important duties for its armed forces in their new development phase.


As you read the stories of some of China's peacekeepers, you will be taken to lands where the flames of war are still raging, into sudden chaos and conflict, to areas of dangerous landmines and to the disaster relief in Haiti. These peacekeepers have pledged to never abandon their posts in the face of hardship and difficulties, with their resolve never wavering while dedicating the kall to peacekeeping.



2·Ao Chunlai: "Life Source" for the Peacekeepers

10·Chen Changqing: Three Peacekeeping Assignments

18·Chen Shengrong: "Soldier AngeL" in West Africa

26·Chen Zhizhong: the Roughest Path to Cross

34·Cheng Xinwen: Blue Whirlwind

42·Ding Ying: Battlefield Legend

48·Ding Yishun: Selfless Dedication

56·Du Zhaoyu: a Hero

64·Huo Shufeng: Dancing with the Cemger River

72·3ia Fuxi: Wheels to the Fore

80·3iang Hangang: MiracLe Worker

88·Li Yadong: Carrying on Dr. Bethune's Legacy

96·Liu Qingzhong: Expert Detainer

104·Liu Zengbao: Finding Ms. Right in West Asia's Minefields

112·Shangguan Linhong: a New Leaf for Peacekeeping in Darfur

120·Shi Xiaomin: "The Chinese, Our Friends"

126·Wan Youwen: Sowing Seeds in the Hearts of Sudanese People

134·Wang Huafeng: "Peace My Greatest Wish"

142·Wang Jianping: First Time in East Timor

146·Wang Jun: Bringing "Lei Feng" to Africa

152·Wang Xueyan: Experiencing the Haiti Earthquake

160·Wang Zhaohui: Hedging to Build Roads to Link Remote Areas

166·Wu Guangtong: Following a Martyr to the Middle East

172·Xiao Hal: Starting from Constructing a Hospital

178·Yang Xijun: a Will of Iron Cast in Africa

186·Yu Yang: Achieving Three Victories in "Three Battles"

192·Yuan Chunguo: "Chinese Swiftness"

198·Zhang Xizhen: Meeting Challenges in Liberia

204·Zhang Yong: "Moving Africa"

212·Zhao Guoguang: a Milestone for Peacekeepers

220·Zhou Pifeng: Paving the Path to Peace

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