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HDMI VGA Component Composite Audio Video Wall Face Plate Panel


  • $14.99


Product Feature:

* 100 Brand and high quality
* Easy to install on the wall
* Easy to use VGA Wall Plate has an HDMI connector and a VGA female jack on the front and another male jack on the back
* HDMI features an female jack on the front and another female jack on the back thus, allowing you to run your HDMI cable behind your wall
*This HDMI Wall Plate also helps you save that cable that is now buried from wear and tear

 Very convnient gadgets.This HDMI Wall Plate is ideal for in-wall installation. It is a convenient way to connect to your HDMI and VGA display without the cables mess coming out of the wall. 

Colour: White
Material: PVC
Size: 86 x 86 mm

Package content: 

1x HDMI VGA Wall Face Plate