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Computer Microphone Small Microphone Household YY Voice Chat Study USB Plug Wired Mini Condenser 3256 black


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Can you imagine high quality voice input?Use this USB microphone. Cool black and white color,makes color closer;say goodbye to traditional 3.5 microphone and signal loss phenomenon,lengthen the distance brtween you and computer,effectively protecting eyesight;it possess 360¡ãall-dimensional direction,makes you and your family share online chatting which direction you are from the microphone!A high performance that truely copies sound,making love loud!

1.professional online microphone,professional voice chatting tool,plug and play,no need for any drive,conveninet to carry and practical USB plug,fit for any computer with USB plug
3.360¡ãall-dimensioanl direction,good spread performance,can shift direction from any drection;noiseproof,can be used as computer record device
4.high sensitivity,effctive distance over 2m,say goodbye to 3.5 microphone's effective distance of 0.5m-1m
5.falt and wide response of crispness and definition

name:mini microphone
sensitivity lower:  -3dB at 1.5V
work voltage:    4.5V
frequency response:    100~16kHz
SNR:     More than -67dB
size£º13*5cm£¬wire length 113cm
USB plug suitable£ºKTV¡¢onlin catting¡¢MSN¡¢QQ¡¢SKYPE¡¢ online cideo meeting¡¢online singing¡¢online recording¡¢online game
caution£ºif you are perfectionist who is demanding to microphone£¬please do not buy¡£microphone's sensitivity is very high£¬effective distance is over 2m£¬when use it there's surrounding noise more or less£¬if you mind it please do not buy£¡

using method£ºplug and play in OS over XP£¬automaticaaly shield computer's inbuilt sound card microphone£¨some computers won't as long as you switch one time£©

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