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Articulating Adjustable Swivel Tilt LED LCD TV Wall Mount Brackets


  • $64.99


Hanging flat TV stand
Suitable for LCD, LED and LCD computer
Suitable for use in a variety of places for families and business, etc.
It is easy to install features
SPCC high-strength steel stamping structure and streamlined design combined
Which saves space and beautiful, show you the best visual effects
LCD TV wall bracket
Strong practical and effective space-saving

Applicable Size: 26-63 inches (specifically to see the back of the TV installation pitch may be)
Material: 1.4 mm thick cold rolled plate
Pitch Adjustable Length: 430mm (ie about pitch can be used in the 30-430mm)
Pitch adjustable width: 410mm (ie pitch up and down within 0-410mm be used)
In line with 200 ¡Á 200mm, 200 ¡Á 400mm, 300 ¡Á 300mm, 400 ¡Á 400mm of VISE standard pitch
Bracket distance from the wall: 25mm
Carrying Weight: 50kg

1. LCD TV rack special gasket: 4 / group
Gasket Material: ABS plastic
Gasket Function Description: it can increase the distance from the wall , increasing the cooling effect as well as convenient Plug
2. screw, plastic expansion plugs set