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Antique bathroom accessories towel rack space aluminum towel rack suits Storage Continental Wenzhou bathroom accessories bathroom


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Basic definitions
Space aluminum -magnesium alloy aluminum space is specially treated 
so after the high temperature oxidation, can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature and strong impact, 
is a strength and corrosion resistance are high aluminum products, with lightweight and durable, 
due to the manufacturing and other high-tech fields for the beginning of a large number of aviation equipment, so called "space aluminum."

Space aluminum main ingredient is alumina, typically referred to as "aluminoxane", 
is a white powder, is a covalent compound, melting at 2050 Cellious, boiling point of 3000 Cellious, the true density of 3.6g / cm3. 
It liquidity really soluble in water, can be dissolved in the molten cryolite. 
It is the electrolytic production of the main raw material, its high hardness strength and load-bearing is also high, but its weight is very low.

Space aluminum after special treatment, 
can withstand several thousand degree heat or strong impact, have good performance, 
together with titanium is widely used in manufacturing and other high-tech aviation equipment.
It liquidity really soluble in water, can be dissolved in the molten cryolite. 
It is the main raw material for aluminum electrolytic production. Its high hardness strength, weight is very low.

Space aluminum is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, 
surface oxidation treatment. 
It is a high strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum, a lightweight and durable. 
Everyday use space aluminum metal products manufacturing, 
with easy processing, light weight, high strength, no rust and other characteristics.

100% Brand New and High Quality
Space aluminum material is an environmentally friendly, 
do not fade, cost-effective metal, 
over the past decade has been widely used in home improvement products, 
particularly space aluminum kitchen pendant ornaments become the new trend of the modern home, 
with no rust, no fade , environmental protection, durable and so on merit, 
is one of the decoration of the boutique, 
environmental protection and even better than the average copper bath products, 
non-oxidizing better than stainless steel, 
while maintaining the appearance of the beautiful yet durable, affordable, 
Suitable for all kinds of decoration style, 
so you can feel some space aluminum pendant bring you enjoyment fashion. 
Stylish-looking, but also known as "never rust", 
high-quality materials to ensure the product can certainly at least ten to fifteen years will not rust.

Please don't mind,
During the manufaturing process, it can have small scratchs.

////Please allow 2mm-1cm differs due to manual measurement, thanks 
///////(All measurement in cm and please note 1cm=0.39inch)
////////We do not accept color choice, This Item color ship out randomly
Type:         Antique towel rack, double towel rack antique, antique single towel bar, toilet brush antique, antique paper holder, soap net antique, antique double cup /, antique towel ring, antique single hook, antique    
Color: Antique
Size: As show in the picture
Material: Space aluminum
Lot/pc’s: 1 piece
Package Size: 100cm x 50cm x 50cm (39.4in x 19.69in x 19.69in)
Package Weight:  Estimated Shipping: 10 - 30 Business Days 

Package Content: 
1 x lot (1 piece/lot)