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This is a magic product! Without fishhook you can also get many fishes. This is the latest upgraded bomb silk fishhook that...
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This is a magic product! Without fishhook you can also get many fishes. This is the latest upgraded bomb silk fishhook that no matter which level you'are, you can obtain full harvest and enjoy fishing interest, allowing you fish as you like.

Features: force
2.a lot fish
3.enjoy new fishing interst

fishing method:
pole rod - - buoy - - overlord bundle
sea rod sink  - - zhopngtong boat - - space-bean - - float - - overlord bundle
sea rod float - - chub fishing combination and so on to let you go fishing as you like
put bait on the spring:
show your fishing techinique - - essence of bait
the product is both suitable to sea rod sink or float for full harvest
When water is fast or there's huge waves, silk may can't be sacttered and form a line. In this situation you can use hard bait, with big space-bean ( or water float ), soft bait and silk bait. Everyone must know how to make hard bait. ( trolling can't be used, which is must be noticed )

Using instruction:
1.The spring is used to hang bait for the best bait you think, reaching the best effect to attract fish
2.After putting the fishing comnination into water, you stretch the overlord bundle all around to form a silk net. Attention must be paid that it is cone after stretched. 3.6cm 4.5cm extra-rigid sea rod or long sot rod is suggested for distante fishing ( if it's still not distant, increase lead weight and food )
sink: bind method is the same as combination for chub and bighead carp( replace the bomb hook with overlord bundle so you can fish in foating water ) mainly bind ious fish and erythroculter ilishaeformis.
bottom fishing: overlord bundle - main line - lead weight - buoy - fishing rod( throw the overlord bundle into the hole ) more ways is remained to be discovered and stuied by fishers ( no fixed ways, just flexibly use it )

wram prompt: no need to instantly raise the rod when seeing the action, fishes is binded firmly when it is struggling

kin: bomb hook
color: blue and white
4?2cmX2cm ?for fish roughly 50g-250g
6?3cmX3cm ?for fish roughly 500g
7?3.5cmX3.5cm ?for roughly fish 500g-1kg
8?4cmX4cm ?for fish roughly 500g-1kg
9?4.5cmX4.5cm ?for fish roughly 1kg to 1.5kg
10?5cmX5cm ?for fish roughly 1.5kg to 2kg

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