Manual Meat mill grinder Source Mincer Household Kitchen Cast IRON

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Description Description:Small compact cutter mill structure, style novel, durable, easy to use significant features, in fact, the ideal kitchen helper staff and...
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Small compact cutter mill structure, style novel, durable, easy to use significant features,
in fact, the ideal kitchen helper staff and housewives.
Small steel mill , using iron alloy manufacturing, handsome in appearance, ease of use, disassembly and flexible, suitable for paprika, soybeans and other purposes!
Because cast iron technology, the product is taken in kind , appearance estimate is not very beautiful, but the practical effect is good
Cast iron hand cutter mill compact, very suitable for home
small hand-operated mill small household objects is generally necessary.
Very practical matter of a grinder. And is pure cast iron.

Compact structure, style novel, durable, easy to use. They can adjust the machine on the front end of the screw, regulate the millstones clearance, control the powder size.
A variety of functions, replace the blade, ground meat, Vegetable stuffing , Grinds wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats, will oily seeds, peppercorns, and other dry grains and spices etc

Usage & Instruction:
Mill cutter of a machine, through the replacement of blades,
grinding to complete the cutter meat, vegetable stuffing,
grinding soy milk, bean flour, sesame paste, chili sauce, all kinds of millet, sesame and so on.
When the mill stuff, remove the blade and put mill fan, fan alignment groove before stapling excluded, then loaded moving fan, mounted on a spring,
the bulk of the inside, lock master elastic fit,
the right amount into the article. After use, should be cleaned, coated with cooking oil until dry antirust
Before using the various components of the anti-rust oil clean.
When used, the fixing bolts tightened by hand or the foot fixed ground meat,
adjust the compression nut, so that the cross knife and Yuan knife close fit between the blades to avoid meat, stuffed ribs, ground meat
first before the meat cut into strips block and then placed inside the machine cutter cut,
but must pay attention to the meat shall not be twisted into the bone, to prevent damage to parts

1. The inside and outside clean and secure
2. When the grinding mill meat and spring removed, mounted on the blade, fixed blade (within the exclusion boss card into the slot chassis),
the movable blade outside, two flat blade attached, then knurled nut (concave faces inward) pressing the blade, pressing force appropriate size.
3. boneless meat to be twisted, peeled and cut into strips, hand shake the handle,
left hand meat pieces put into the spout (non hand into the spout) at auger driven, that is twisted out of the meat.
4. mill stuff, remove the two blades, put fans mill, first stapling mill fan, rearm another piece of mill fan, spring (the bulk of inward); nut elastic fit, will be ground
into the right amount of items, some items need when grinding twice, the first pass to loosen the nut point, the second time to tighten. Can the article finer grinding.
5. After use, remove the parts clean, dry installed after the stand, such as long-term need, oil anti-rust coating.
Note: The first time you use the new machine before
Please use detergent to propeller shaft inside the casing, cutter, discharge knife,
washed once to prevent remnants of industrial oil. This machine is exhausted, it must all apart, washed with water or hot water,
dry to avoid oxidation, in addition. sticky little cooking oil on the blade, the wafer. abrasive, steel. to prevent rust.
The body has been made inside and outside the anti-oxygen treatment,
non-toxic and tasteless,
but please note, do not use salt or other chemical properties of the water used for cleaning, otherwise perishable body black

100% Brand New and High Quality
Easily mounts to your work table
Heavy duty cast iron construction
Quick-grinding hand crank mill features clamp mount
Grinding corn, multi grain for better health breads and flavor enhancing recipes
Nut butters, spreads and mixes, seeds, cinnamon poppy and peppers
Special grind-corn breads
Special mixed flavor coffee grinds
Grain corn cereal mill for gourmet
Cast iron construction provides long-lasting use for creating healthy home recipes
Fantastic tool for kitchen work

Please don't mind,
During the manufaturing process, it can have small scratchs.
Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.

Size:            As shown in the picture
Materials:         Cast iron    
Lot/pc:     1 piece
packaging:    OEM (no retail box)    
Weight:         1.750kg (3.858lb.)                                
Package Size:    25cm x 25cm x 40cm (9.843in x 9.843in x 15.75in)
Package Weight:  1.900kg (4.189lb.)
Package Content: 48cm x 48cm (18.9in x 18.9in):1 x lot (1 piece/lot)

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