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Description Description:1. ventilate anti-mosquito; 2. decorative appearancePrinciple:The new improved middle magnetic pull mode, using magnetic stripe, magnetic blocks arranged in modular spacing,...
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1. ventilate anti-mosquito;
2. decorative appearance
The new improved middle magnetic pull mode, using magnetic stripe, magnetic blocks arranged in modular spacing, all invisible fixed, no longer deformation middle seam, magnetic suction force multiplier, close faster, more efficient mosquito.
Shamen features:
1. The use of internal plastic coating cloth cuff sewing craft, door edge yarn and fabric without damage,
    while cloth unbreakable, easy off-line, sideline more neat appearance, service life 3--5 years.
2. The new screen door of plastic-cloth coat a durable, waterproof, anti-wrinkle, and other features crisp,
    head curtain sewing process using Siamese overall more beautiful, easier to install.
3. The new installation is recommended to use the original clips, easier, noninvasive, easy washable without disassembly,
    it can be used repeatedly for many years. Sun screen door with plastic Velcro also recommended as an alternative way to install, easy to use, no damage.
1, the design principle:
    Features magnetic soft screen door is frameless soft edges and off access, the use of gravity and magnetic force of the side so that the rapid closure.
    Using high-quality synthetic material as a raw material plus magnetic stripe or magnets made. Shapes and sizes to the size of the gate is standard;
    2, Features: New Look, no noise, accessible, inexpensive, good blocking and good mosquito effect,
        folding can be stacked collection of easy to install, easy to clean, low cost advantages.
        To overcome the traditional kinds of hard Salmonella bulky, easy to deform, closed lax, noisy, inconvenient to take hang collections and so on.
        Anti-mosquito effect of significant features. Anti-mosquito product set and decorated as one,
        warm and elegant shape more humane, let your gift to the beauty of the room.
        Bid farewell to summer mosquito coils and insecticide, the peace of mind you'll sleep better, better health!
    3, the product meaning: mosquitoes, flies, dust, pet free access, peace of mind, meditation.
    4, the marketing value: a soft design so that the same can be applied to different specifications of the size of the screen door frame,
        so that the screen door to enter the market circulation,
        which completely changed the traditional way of marketing the screen door,
        opened up a new soft screen door industry. It is the best choice for your business to get rich.
    5. Scope: widely used in homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals and other places.
        Both ordinary screen door replacement products,
        but also to get rid of modern household insecticides, mosquito coils, impact on human health of choice.
        Supplemented by good screens closed, completely without pesticides.

100% Brand New and High Quality
    Green, non-toxic and harmless; with beautiful appearance and convenient
    features simple function without any disassembly good mosquito noise blocking effect of dust is superior.
    Fan can be widely applicable to schools, hospitals and offices in family restaurants and
    other places of modern pesticides to get rid of the product of choice.
    high-grade crystal wire magnetic screen door
    Anti-mosquito, anti-dust, anti flies, cockroaches.
    100% hand stitching, longer life.
    Nice, good transparency, upscale atmosphere significant level.
    Made of high-quality material, stable connection, they are durable for long-term use
    Environmentally friendly and reusable

Please don't mind,
During the manufacturing process, it can have small scratchs.


Type:        high-grade crystal wire magnetic screen door    
Thickness:     Thin
Color:        Brown     
Size:            90cm x 210cm (35.43in x 82.68in)
Material:    Shamen
Pattern:     Flocked  
Lot/pc:     1 pc/Lot
Weight:    450g
Package Size:    40cm x 30cm x 10cm (15.75in x 11.81in x 3.94in)
Package weight: 0.550kg (1.22lb.)

Package Content:
1 pieces / lot.

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