Li Shi-sided frying pans have a pressure cooker 30cm non-stick pancake pan Smokeless Gas special

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Description: 30cm double-sided baking pan, loss promotion, 180, pro, this pan, use only fire Oh, the cooker can not be used Features: ...
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30cm double-sided baking pan, loss promotion, 180, pro, this pan, use only fire Oh, the cooker can not be used

100% Brand New and High Quality
Sided pot: grilled baked variety of food no fumes, 
No splash oil, you can make the shape of the food remains intact, 
Do not flip, unique radiant heat cycle technology, 
Save heat energy savings. 
The pot of green energy products, thermal fast!
No fumes stick
Suitable for Gas cookers General
Easily to Clean ,Heat Resistance ,Non-Stick , Not Coated, Anti-slipper, Anti-heat
Environmentally friendly and reusable

Pro, this pan, use only fire Oh, the appliance can not use

Function :
1, the magnetic key: a touch of this button magnetic locking device to ensure proper air pressure pot is left; 
2, silicone gasket: original silicone gasket can effectively sealing the pot body, to prevent the oil when cooking or fumes escaping from the leakage can flip the pan body when.                   
3, the groove edge: to provide accurate accommodating space, 
   so that the silicone gasket completely fit, so that the pan properly seal and lock. 
4, fat drip tray: Collect drops from the pot of water and condensation oils (especially when you open the pan, the drops of water droplets and oil droplets). 
5, heat-resistant handle: highly ergonomic design, has become far more comfortable and secure grip when used. 
6 and exhaust ports: allow excess steam is discharged, in order to maintain optimal pressure and cooking pans inside the case.

1, roasted sweet potato
   First, both sides of the pot to put a small amount of oil evenly rub the potatoes with a little napkin wrapping 4 layers soaked with water. 
   Low heat and cook, flipping once every three minutes. About 15-20 minutes after. (Too much sugar can be pot shop two foil)
2, chicken, chicken, steak, fish and other meat (taste can be modulated according to your taste)
   First, put a small amount of oil to rub evenly pan, cook over medium heat, flipping once every two minutes. 
   If you want to go out prepared crisp tender results, 
   flipped open the lid after each side will open with a wet towel to clean the water and oil debris (careful hot), 
   after the closure continues. About 10-15 minutes after.
3, cake
   The cake flour (supermarket to buy) and eggs (egg tastes may be because the number of ships 2) 
   even tune into thicker batter with flour as you need to put a little baking powder (may be appropriate to add the diced fruit), 
   in the pot and add butter (about half the size of a matchbox) put a little oil, 
   if there is no butter can be put only salad oil, a little heated after the batter into the pan two-thirds of the amount. 
   Then lock with minimal uniform cooking fire for about 3 minutes after opening the pot as the surface solidification see, 
   you can quickly flip pot, a small fire any course reversal once every one minute, 
   you can pan for about 10 minutes.
4, popcorn
   Preheat the fire pot, add about 50 ml of vegetable oil, add the right amount of cream, 
   chocolate or sugar added appropriate according to personal taste, 
   add corn (arabica children, popcorn special corn, supermarkets can buy) without having to flip the pot only 
   Rock the need to make full contact with the oil corn, 
   without shutting down the magnetic locks, to stay out of room for expansion of corn, when corn popped hear the voice over. 
   Popcorn cooking in the pot at the top of the open nature. The use of fire in the process of doing.

Sided pot Safety Tips : 
1, in addition to the original cooking purposes, not for any other purpose of this pot. 
2 Do not put the general use of an oven or a microwave oven. 
3. Do not attempt in any way tamper with the pan and its components, in order to avoid gas-related explosion damage. 
4. Heat the pan once, do not touch any metal part of the pot itself. 
5, each of the liquid, oil or food have been added to a hot pan, it should be handled with care, beware splash. 
6, make sure the air inlet toward a safe direction without any obstacles or no barrier to avoid burns incidents. 
7. Do not place empty pans on the stove open too long, so as to prevent color stain (at high temperatures), damage to the silicone seal and non-stick surface. 
8. Do not Heat or scratch magnetic grip on the case, in order to avoid weakening the magnetic force and lead to a pan can not properly lock. 
9, after each cooked slowly pans should open at an oblique angle, so that condensation on the pot and steam through the vent properly grease in the grease drip tray local. 
10, please use when in use, a small fire cooking, avoid the use of fire, this pot of green energy products, fast heat conduction. 
11, each body before opening the pot, make sure the grease drip tray drops mouth upward. In order to avoid unnecessary splashing accident. 
12, if you need to open the pot upright to round up the pot mixing or food, should be handled with care, beware of scalding your hands. 
13, a ceramic pot body outer layer - both heat and easy to clean. However, any food residue, dirt, grease or carbon dirt, if not cleaned and then be burned again and again, the dirt will be adhered to the outer pot body, and it's hard to be clean. 
14, this pot should not be put into the washing in the dishwasher.

Color: Red
Size: Diameter: 26cm (included) -35cm (included)
Material: Aluminum
is_customized Yes
Lot/pc: 1 pc
Package Size: 95cm x 20cm x 16cm (37.4in x 7.87in x 6.3in)
Package Weight: 1.85Kg /2.3lbs

Package Content: 
1 pc Frying Pan  

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