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Close Boxing Head Protector Free Combat Helmet MMA UFC Muay Fight Protector


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Boxing is a sport for the breave that is the first fight sport on the world; it not only teaches people how to protect themself and boost their body but also advanves their mind; it develops natures featuring tenaciousness, forward-looking and fight; it avoides disadvantages like laziness, weakness, negative and inferiority feeling. So you become a man full of vigor and enterprise. 
Bright red shows perisistence that never gives up, bringing you a steadyfast belief full of passion that never finches.
Dazzling blue is silent and refreshing that breaks any rules, expressing warrior spirit that refuses to mediocrity.
Calm black is respectable, indicating rising abruptly based on its accumulated strength, full of knight spirit that never gives up.

1.glued with emulsion photoplate and high-density rubber plate in three layers.
2.the high-density rubber plate in the middle can absorb more shock.
3.the side near the brain is protected by emulsion.
4.can provide full protection to haed

kind: boxing helmet
style: close
material: PU
color: black, red and blue
weight: roughly 250-280g