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Aluminium Alloy Baseball Stick Thick Defensive Weapon Vehicle-mounted Steel Stick Ball Stick


  • $18.99


Release passion and play with exellence! For baseball players and defensive. More rigid, more solid and more strike resistance. Perfect combination of high-end material and remarkable operation performance, high intensity glue which nevers degums; soft leather anti-skidding handle, comfortable, soft and more fatigue resistant; solid fitness equipment needed by outdoor fitness. League swat is waiting for your partipation.

more solid
paint craft, more scratch resistant
well sealed, won't degum
soft ang fatigue resistant
integrated cut, crack-resistant

material: aluminium alloy
kind: baseball stick
weight:20g per inch
specification: 20inch£¬25inch£¬28inch£¬30inch£¬32inch£¬34inch
color: red, blue, black and sliver

inch                20inch        25inch        28inch         30inch         32inch           34inch

length               51cm         63cm          71cm           76cm           81cm               86cm

stick head diameter 61cm         61cm          61cm           61cm           61cm               61cm
handle diameter     26cm         26cm          26cm           26cm           26cm               26cm
weight              300g         340g          360g           400g           430g               450g